The Hunt for Gray August

When we began planning the re-design of Greentree Home Candle's web site, it only made sense to enlist the talent of a professional photographer. Luckily, Torkil Stavdal, an accomplished NY based photographer, had some time in his busy schedule and committed a day to us. Once that was in place, the hunt for the perfect site was set into action. Sure.... the candles are beautiful, but where should we shoot them?

Thinking about a place that was rich with color, filled with textures and screaming with character, the light bulb went off as I envisioned Kabinett & Kammer, the eclectic shop owned by artist and designer Sean Scherer. The Andes NY based shop is a revolving collection of selected items that Scherer has scouted out on his regular shopping trips. This is no ordinary antique shop, this is a revolving collection of carefully selected items that are organized and displayed in vignettes throughout the shop. There is a fluid and pleasing aesthetic to the objects and their juxtaposition. There is an emphasis on vintage nautical, taxidermy, anatomy, unique utilitarian objects and age worn furniture.

Kabinett & Kammer has been selling the Greentree Home Candle collection since it opened in 2007 and I have gotten to know Sean Scherer. He generously agreed to allow us to shoot in his space this July. With a fresh coat of dark gray paint on the walls and a full shop, Torkil Stavdal, shot our candle collections in the shop and Shearer's apartment which is a feast for the eyes, to say the least.



First Row Images: Torkil Stavdal

Kabinett & Kammer 
7 Main Street, Andes, NY




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