A Day to Dream Of

A Day to Dream Of

My maid of honor squeezed my hand and whispered that the guests were beginning to arrive. I smoothed the front of my gown and looked in a mirror. Hidden away in a small, curtained alcove, minutes before my wedding, I felt nervous, excited and somehow serene. Everything had led to this moment and after months of planning all that was left to do was enjoy.

Hours before in a pair of well worn blue jeans that contrasted to my freshly styled hair complete with roses, I arranged flowers in mason jars, inched chairs closer and farther apart and plucked at the ribbons tied to our wedding favors, beautifully pale celadon and cream beeswax candles lovingly arranged in a wooden box near a window. I scanned the empty but adorned venue and sighed. I had arrived and it was my wedding day.

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As many brides learn, there are a plethora of decisions to be made leading up to this occasion to top all occasions. The fruition of these detail oriented labors, ranging from cake icing flavor to the tenor of your vows, are to be experienced within the space of a few celebratory hours. This fact can be daunting even to the best of planners. With such expectations it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Opting to have handmade beeswax candles as guest gifts and as enchanting focal points of the carefully styled ceremony space, was not only an easy decision to arrive at, but a truly rewarding one. I will never forget the soothing ambient glow of the candles cast upon our family and friends who had gathered to celebrate with us. Candlelight makes these moments even more memorable. It warmly welcomes you to savor this precious space of time you have so ardently strived for.


The style of a wedding should be as uniquely individual as those who are to be married. Greentree Home Candle’s unique collection of candle colors and styles will not disappoint. The versatile range of candle design choices we offer easily lend themselves to a variety of creative design schemes, inspirational pallets and provide limitless potential for tabletop arrangement. Our trio of Josse Pillars, which can be made in any of our handcrafted colors to suit your wedding style needs, are lovely when paired with table settings and flowers while additionally offering a strong silhouette that can hold its own as a centerpiece. Imagine slender, elegant tapers in hues that compliment your individual event’s style and theme. I know from personal experience that our farmhouse tables, even bedecked with floral arrangements and beautiful cutlery, would have been lack luster without Greentree Home Candle’s ever popular blush colored tapers. The creative potential is without limit. You can affordably and imaginatively set the perfect mood for your wedding. That marriage of concepts is one to make anyone planning their wedding pleased.


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Virginia Sin, a Brooklyn based ceramicist and multidisciplinary designer, similarly took advantage of Greentree Home Candle’s curated line of beeswax candles when planning her wedding. Her event color palette included terra-cotta, dusty beige, blush and pale fiber glass green. She included iridescent elements to evoke “mermaid vibes.” For more about her personal wedding style and design planning process, find her blog at virginiasin.com/blogs. As the creator of SIN, Lived In, Sin had a unique opportunity to create “tablescapes” that included her handmade ceramic pieces, candles, Ikebana inspired floral vases as well as carefully chosen sculptural vegetables and fruits. Sin’s handmade Duo and Uni candlestick holders, available for purchase at virginiasin.com, were beautifully coupled with Greentree Home Candle’s blush rope tapers. According to Sin, “opting for a decorative taper candlestick is another trick to bring style and texture to your tabletop.” Ask yourself what aesthetic essence do you wish to convey on your wedding day? Make it a reality and an experience for the senses with handmade candles.

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On my wedding day, as I stood tucked away from sight, I knew that our guests were being welcomed by the glow and charm of lit candles. They were being invited to experience and share in something truly special. Greentree Home Candle invites you to enjoy our clean burning, 100% beeswax candles and to aesthetically enhance the setting of your ceremony and all the celebrating, dining and dancing that may follow. Entrust us in helping you to set the perfect mood for a day that you have planned and planned some more for. Explore our collection and please, feel free to dream.

We at Greentree Home Candle would like to recognize that we are aware that at this time many special occasions, such as weddings have been postponed. We are very sensitive to this fact and want you to know that when your special day does indeed arrive, we are here for you. Maybe this has provided some with the opportunity to fine tune wedding design choices and we thank you for considering our candles. Being a part of your big day is a responsibility that we eagerly take on. Please peruse our curated collection and remember that the options are limitless and the affect is true.

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