Our Annual Gift Guide | Bee-centric Gifts

Presenting Greentree Home Candle's annual gift guide, an array of warm and colorful handmade wonders. Just the uplift we all need at the end of a long year.

Near and dear to our hearts at Greentree Home, each gift in our 2022 gift guide is filled with warmth and inspired by a connection to nature; every artisan and maker is someone we know personally. 

We guarantee these special gifts will bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones, and hopefully to your face too. Don't take our word for it! Order and see for yourself.


Match Strike With Tray


If matches are a candle's best friend, then this elegant, ceramic match strike with tray is the party you go to with that best friend – or perhaps, the cozy dinner you share together at home.

The staple item you didn't know you needed, this match strike will positively alter your experience cooking with your stove top (are we cooking with gas?) or lighting up the wood stove (still heating with firewood?). Or, perhaps this is a gift for someone who is more sentimental than practical, in which case, we recommend having at least one in the bedroom, and another on the dining room table. Ready to set the mood anytime.

Crafted by a dear friend of Greentree Home Candle, Julia Finlayson, these solid pieces are hand thrown and glazed (your choice! either black or gray) in her Chicago studio, Grandmont Street



Who says bees are for spring or summer? We see bees in the winter too – outside at our Greentree hives in the Catskills, and inside our home through the many symbols and decorations we keep to remind us of the gifts that come from hard work. If you don't have one yet, it's time to bring a bee home! 

Hang the bee ornament on your holiday tree for seasonal enjoyment – perch them in a window or above your table to add some dazzle to your home year-round. 

Support our friends Jim and Sandi, American artists who make meaningful gifts for life's milestones and craft classic home goods for everyday celebrations in their Rhode Island studio, Beehive Handmade. 


Event tapers in sage


Introducing…the Greentree event tapers in a limited edition color, ideal for celebrations big and small! Each bundle includes 10 tapers – just the right number of candles to cluster together on top of a celebration cake, or to light up your home as the nights get longer and days shorter.

These tapers give off a soft glow that will brighten and warm any holiday gathering. Narrow enough to fit into smaller holders, such as a kinara for Kwanzaa or menorah for Hanukkah, we currently have 20 bundles of event tapers available in Sage, a special edition color for the season.


Honey by Rogers Ranch


What better way to celebrate bees than with Catskill honey? And what better honey to eat than the most local, natural and raw? 

This gift is perfect for anyone in your life who likes sweet things, and for those who take great care in their health. Raw honey in particular will give your immune system the support it needs to keep you safe and healthy through winter! 

One of the tastiest treats created by our bee friends here in the Catskill Mountains, we love the flavors of both the spring and fall varieties. Bottled with care by local beekeepers Rachelle and Brian at Rogers Ranch.


wee cones by greentree home candle
Wondering what would be the most fun or unique gift to get for one of your friends or colleagues? Searching for the perfect gift-in-hand to bring to your next housewarming or holiday party? We recommend our wee pine cones
Fun at any time of year and sure to make anyone who sees them smile, these lovable little candles bring a special sweetness to the winter season. The adorable yet elegant shape comes from the well-known fruit of the red pine tree.
We make them by hand in our Catskills studio in a range of playful colors – including the seasonal favorites bittersweet, sage, terra cotta, and natural. They look almost too cute to light, right?


Our final gift recommendations for the winter holidays are truly unique pieces, ideal for anyone who likes to be different – or perhaps that special someone in your life who enjoys studying history, architecture, science, or engineering. 
The finial and vessel, our two newest candles at Greentree. One recalls the timelessness of that ancient shape, the vessel, which has been handcrafted in every culture on the planet for millenia. A perfect compliment to the vessel, the finial is an architecture-inspired shape that mimics some of the most beautiful shapes and patterns from our natural world. Fractals or wavicles, anyone? 
While we think these candles would look cool in any room, we would love to know what you think of the vessel and finial! Let us know your review in the comments below.

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