Authentic Interiors

Authentic Interiors

   Recall the last time you stepped into a space that truly transported you. Remember how you were completely immersed in a setting where color, form, texture, pattern and unique accents simultaneously entranced  and awakened your senses. Imagine bold color play, botanical prints that beckon you closer and a myriad of curios that range from taxidermy to vintage tools and cabinets. Artist and designer Sean Scherer creates such transformative spaces.

     Greentree Home Candle is pleased to announce the release of his book Sean Scherer’s Kabinett & Kammer, Creating Authentic Interiors by Vendome Press. Through this book we encourage you to become acquainted with the work of this gifted artist. Peruse its pages and get not only a glimpse of Scherer’s talent but charming spaces that seem to whisper “enter, explore and above all enjoy.”

     I personally have had the pleasure of visiting Scherer’s shop, Kabinett & Kammer, nestled in the rural hamlet of Franklin, New York. I can remember moving about the space, curiosity piqued, in a hushed reverie. After seeing Scherer’s book, Sean Scherer’s Kabinett & Kammer, Creating Authentic Interiors, I now see the aesthetic connection between it and the styling of his shop. I am admittedly awestruck to consider that such carefully articulated design could be furthered into transforming one’s living space into a captivating environment of reprieve and understated opulence. Scherer’s book illustrates this sentiment with ease. Its pages feature rich photography by William Abranowicz and boasts a foreword by Anderson Cooper. Cooper aptly states that Scherer’s book “shows us all how to create unique sanctuaries for ourselves....Imaginative spaces that are authentic and honest, designed to be lived in and loved.”

     Greentree Home Candle has been fortunate to not only witness the talents of this working designer, but to creatively collaborate as well. Kabinett & Kammer offers our 100% pure beeswax candles in a custom color palette specifically created to compliment Scherer’s interiors and perhaps your own. To name a few, these colors include vibrant cadmium red, cadmium yellow, green sponge and lush grass green. Scherer frequently features these colors in Greentree Home's ever popular rope, bamboo and square style tapers. Cadmium red rope tapers lend themselves to a setting as objects of eye-catching contrast to the somber tones of a wooden curio cabinet. As Scherer demonstrates in his book, bamboo tapers in grass green aesthetically mimic Scherer’s use of organic elements such as semi-tropical plants arranged in cast iron planters.  

     We at Greentree Home strongly support including candles in your decor repertoire. The hand poured, beeswax candles that we design and produce in a variety of styles and colors can elevate any space and meets one’s individually eclectic design needs. We are privileged to work so closely with Scherer, whose exclusivity of our product in his designs, communicates a true marriage of the creatively minded. With such harmonious design goals, it is not surprising that Kabinett & Kammer and Greentree Home maintain a mutually successful partnership.

     Sean Scherer’s Kabinett & Kammer, Creating Authentic Interiors will launch September 15th and can be pre-ordered on Amazon  Greentree Home Candle applauds Scherer’s masterful interior design and subsequently the launch of his new book. Embark on your own interior design journey with Scherer’s book as your guide. We hope you will similarly consider utilizing our beeswax candles as your design plans and projects take form. I thoroughly enjoyed spotting our candles in the Kabinett & Kammer shop as well as in Scherer’s book. I whole heartedly encourage you to do the same. Once again we congratulate Sean Scherer on his new book and appreciate the continued opportunity to collaborate. Immerse yourself in your own world with hand selected objects that inspire and colors that evoke emotion. Create your authentic interior. 


Visit Kabinett and Kammer on Instagram: @kabinettandkammer 

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