Seed Packet Give Away

Seed Packet Give Away

Imagine a field of wild flowers. A breeze is playing with the season’s first blooms and the sound of busy pollinators fills the air with their soft humming. Envision the colored petals, the sensation of warm sunlight and the peaceful atmosphere in which wild bees, honey bees and other pollinators are industriously collecting pollen and nectar.

field of wildflowers

Now, with that image in mind, picture yourself enjoying the ambient glow of a beeswax candle. Perhaps the candlelight is reflected by table settings for an outdoor evening meal. Perhaps the glow of your beeswax candle has given you a window for an everyday moment of peaceful contemplation. As our customers know, our 100% pure beeswax candles, that come in array of of lush colors, create a mood and atmosphere in which one can truly embrace the essence of the spring and summer seasons.

Honeybee Haven greentree home candle

I have asked you to consider these scenes, one of flowers teeming with honeybees and one enhanced by candlelight in order to connect them. Not only are they lovely images to ponder, they are easily made real and our dear pollinator, the honeybee, naturally and almost magically links the two.

Pollinators, especially bees, are an integral part of an often overlooked environmental cycle and are deserving of our respect and support. As pollinators bees create and aid in the maintenance of seemingly small habitats that have a profound impact on our natural world. Hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and bats, to name a few members of the pollinator class, are responsible for pollinating a range of plants from the crops we eat to the flowering plants that grace our gardens. The harvesting of nectar and pollen by these creatures encourages the propagation of plants that create the oxygen we breath and enriches the soil quality off of which other life thrives. Due to the ceaseless efforts of pollinators, such as bees, we are able to not only enjoy the visual splendor of plants but reap the rewards of their labor in the form of food and an unending list of raw materials. The next time you spy a honeybee hard at work, I strongly encourage you to consider and appreciate the environmental importance of what you are witnessing. That solitary honeybee has an almost hidden role in a much grander environmental picture. Climate changes, pesticides usage, pollution and habitat loss have threatened pollinators, caused the decline of their population and therefore pose a problem with dire consequences for the environment. Pollinators need our help.

Greentree Home Candle invites you to join us in supporting our pollinators. We recognize and respect the enormous role that pollinators play and wish to foster a similar sentiment in others. As candlemakers, we clearly feel a special obligation to support and champion the honey bee, who provides us with the beeswax for our handmade candles. Through a special offer we invite you, as our customer, to do the same. During the month of June, all web orders will be gifted our Honeybee Haven pollinator seed blend. This curated seed blend will include blanketflower, columbine, yarrow, lupine, evening primrose, sweet william and more.

We at Greentree Home Candle ask our customers to join us in creating honeybee habitats where pollinators can thrive. By purchasing our 100% pure beeswax candles, you will not only receive beautifully crafted handmade candles, our Honeybee Haven seed blend to sow into a garden but also a lasting gift of environmental import to the honeybees themselves. This trifold gift is one that we hope you will enjoy as much as we profoundly enjoy promoting support for our ever hardworking honeybee.

I entreat you once more to picture yourself enjoying the warm light of a Greentree Home Candle. Any occasion from a spring time celebration to quiet moments of reflection are augmented by their luminous glow. Our selection of colors will inspire you much like the greening and blooming of our favorite flowers of this season.

Please recall that crop of flowering plants being teased by the breeze and catch glimpses of sunlight that illuminate each bee as it plays its part in this scene as well as the grander environmental scheme. Take some pride in knowing that you have played a role as well by planting your Honeybee Haven seeds and encouraging the pollinator cycle. Please join us in creating an environmental legacy in which we understand, respect and support our pollinators.

On behalf of Greentree Home Candle and the honeybee, we thank you.

Photo Credits:

Field of Wildflowers: Don Statham

Blush Taper Dana McClure of Ravenwood NY

Lupine with Honeybee Aubrynn Nealis Cobbe

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