The Art Of The Day

The Art Of The Day

Orchestrating an unforgettable affair is an art. It is the fine skill of collecting and assembling a masterpiece. To make the event meaningful in the moment, as well as a heartfelt memory, the planner must bring together the very best elements. Organizing the many layers of an event requires skill and an artful  eye.


Incorporating slow burning candles unscented candles for events is essential. Dressing the table with color by incorporating lush floral and candle accents adds to the richness of the composition. Sourcing premium beeswax candles ensures a natural and pure element. As beeswax candles slowly burn, they add to the ambiance of the experience and emit the subtle scent of honey. The well-considered details are crucial. Pictured above: Everyday Tapers in blush. 

slow burning candles for weddings

From the venue to the theme, these fine points breathe life into the celebration, giving lasting impressions to everyone present. Pictured above: Everyday Tapers in black. 

Giving beeswax candle favors to attendees is not only an environmentally conscious practice; it is a way to pass on the beautiful glow of the day. Pictured above: Josee Pillars in natural. 

premium beeswax tapers

A special occasion is a mark of time, in which we come together to celebrate the beauty of life and unity. Create a time stamp with premium beeswax candles. Pictured above: Event Tapers in pretty pink. 

Photo Credits: Ravenwood, And North ,This Modern Romance & Chelsea Fuss

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