Josee Pillars

$ 34.50

Our take on the classic pillar. Josee means kindness, empowerment, and grace – we infuse each candle with these intentions and send them your way! We adore the fun combination of colors and sizes pictured here…which are your favorites?

Each candle is hand poured and individually finished in New York State. Lovingly made from 100% pure North American beeswax. Josee Pillars are sold individually and come in a sweet gift box. 

Burn time varies depending on size: 30-50 hours. Pictured in Martha Stewart Living: squat in terra cotta, medium in antique, and tall in natural. Color Chart


Squat 4.25" h x 3" diam.

Medium 6.5" h x 2.75" diam.

Tall 8.75" h x 2.5" diam.