Form & Function

Form and function by Greentree Home Candle


It is commonly accepted that the best shape for a candle is the taper. A natural beeswax taper will give many hours of light and efficiently melt the wax as its wick burns down. However, we not only enjoy candles for the light, but sometimes as sculptural designs in beeswax. Our sculptural candles are true candles in that they have wicks and will burn when lit, but the irregularity of some shapes will not provide the most efficient melting and may tend to drip or pool. We suggest these candles be burned on a fireproof tray or platter which will contain the melting wax. An arrangement of contemporary sculptural candles on a tray can make a beautiful centerpiece for the table that becomes a changing sculpture as it burns.

The collections represent a menagerie of original designs that are hand selected and cast from sculpted and found objects. From contemporary to nostalgic, the natural beeswax candles are for sale. They are individually selected and produced using traditional techniques combined with contemporary methods. Each candle Greentree Home crafts is hand poured from natural beeswax and finished in the studio. The designs reflect a passion for the beauty discovered in objects that evoke joy and inspire sentiment. The line offers original shapes, signature colors and styles. From simple tapers, such as the church and ropes that are perfect for a candlelit dinner; to a variety of iconic designs like the Patriot Head and the classic Monkey with Fez. Simply stated, the designs are unique.

As makers, the intention to connect to others through the artistic process is an essential goal. Creativity is the lifeblood that makes our everyday lives spectacular. With contemporary handcrafted designs, we are one step closer to making a difference.