The Makers

Owner & Director of Sales 
As far back as Jenifer Green can remember she has loved art. Her mother was an artist and encouraged her children with endless afternoons filled with home made kitchen clay, noodle necklaces and collages. Being creative was a given in the family, part of their DNA.  An attitude was established, that making art and being creative was expressed every day in many ways. Green pursued fine art in college and graduated from Philadelphia College of Art. With husband, Don Green, a furniture maker, they founded Greentree Home in 1992, with the intention to produce designs that were innovative and individually crafted. Today, in addition to exploring new designs and directions for her growing company, Green directs her attention to sales and marketing.




Production Leader 

Two of Helen's many incarnations -as a professional chef and studio assistant for a textile designer - were perfect background for understanding production and
developing a rhythm while keeping an eye on the variables of candle making. Helen's other creative pursuits entail singing with a large choir as well as performing with a small a capella group. While living in Oneonta, over hill and dale from Greentree's studio, she raised her son who has successfully fledged and now her current housemates are her two dogs and one cat.
She also bakes really, really delicious cakes.


Production Assistant

As an artist and former art educator, Aubrynn Nealis has always encouraged herself to explore new areas of creative study. She has been an assistant at a frame shop and at a textile design studio. She has honed her skills at creating hand-crafted products and continues her pursuit of learning new creative skills, now, by making candles. Candle making has proven to be an opportunity for Aubrynn to work  with talented people, learn a new craft, use her hands, and find satisfaction in being part of a team that makes a truly beautiful product.
When she is not making candles, Aubrynn enjoys long walks with her dogs, Chauncey and Darby, getting lost in a good read, trying out a new recipe, and building her home with her boyfriend Tom. She has always felt fortunate that her family, opportunities to explore new art forms and a beautiful setting from which to draw artistic inspiration from are so near to where she lives.
Production Assistant
Juliette Consigny joined Greentree Home Candle in January of 2014 and quickly embraced the methodical production procedure of making beeswax candles. With a keen eye for detail and style and a passion for the process, Consigny's fine arts background has added to her value as a creative member of the team. Originally from Chicago, she made her way to the Catskills via Brooklyn, NY. A mother of two, Consigny enjoys living in the country and caring for her family, garden, bees and dogs.



 Packing and Shipping 

Greentree's  newest team member is Michael Mercurio. Michael spent 20+ years working in Marketing & Process Improvement at JPMorgan Chase, before moving up to the Catskills with his partner and their son. "We started as weekenders and fell in love with the area. When we had the opportunity to be here full time we took the plunge. The sense of community up here is extraordinary."  
Michael enjoys being outdoors and has a passion for travel - although he is always happy to come home to the beauty of the Catskills.