Handmade in the Catskills


Harvested By Hand

May 04, 2016

Set in the western foothills of the Catskill Mountains, Jenifer Green’s studio is a place of industrious attitudes. Spools of wicks hang on pipes and are feed through scores of pale purple molds that are lined up and ready to receive liquid beeswax to form her company's many sculptural renderings. Just outside the studio, the air is teaming with the sweet and damp scent of spring. Green reflects “ We love to open the front doors in the warm weather, but soon become invaded by honey bees and birds. They are drawn by the sweet aroma of the beeswax”.   Treadwell is a quiet hamlet located just 14 miles from Delhi, NY and provides the perfect setting for productive work. ... Continue Reading →

The Keeper: A Becoming Tale

March 15, 2016

Interview with Tim Trescott, a North Carolina beekeeper.  How and when  did you first get into the business? I have been in the bee business all my life. I am a third generation. What makes you different than, say, the big wax companies? We work directly with only US Beekeepers, and US only. This is a bit more labor intensive as we ourselves are doing the collection and not the beekeepers, but the quality of wax is generally higher this way. Domestic beeswax is also collected and processed different than, say, African beeswax. How closely do you work with the beekeepers, and others who work with the hives (those who collect the honey, pollen, etc). Since we work domestically, we... Continue Reading →

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