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Owner and Creative Director

As far back as Jenifer Green can remember, she has loved art. Her mother is an artist and encouraged her children with afternoons filled with homemade kitchen clay, noodle necklaces, and collages. Being creative was a given, part of the family DNA. Green pursued fine art in college and graduated from Philadelphia College of Art. She and husband Don Green, a furniture maker, co-founded Greentree Home in 1992 with the intention to create innovative and individually crafted furniture and home accessories. In 2001, Jenifer launched Greentree Home Candle. Today, in addition to exploring new designs and directions for her growing beeswax candle company, she directs her attention to marketing. In her spare time, she tends to beekeeping and enjoys hiking.

Jenifer Green, Owner and Creative Director

Meet Our Team

Mykel Anne, Production Manager

Mykel Anne

Production Manager 

A leader in technique, Mykel Anne carries candle-making wisdom on the Greentree production floor, enriched by the joy she feels when making things with her hands. She carries knowledge and experience from her background in farming, as well as two decades of work at the Farmer's Museum. When not immersed in candles, Mykel Anne can be found gardening, quilting, and being the proud mother of a little boy. 

Jessie Green, Director of Sale


Director Of Sales

Jessie brightens the Greentree space like a ray of sunshine. Her enthusiasm has deep roots. From accompanying her mom during trade shows to learning lessons in adaptability as Greentree Home grew into Greentree Home Candle – Jessie has been a dedicated supporter of the family business. In 2021, the stars aligned for her to officially join the team. In addition to being part of the candle family, Jessie loves cooking and trying out new recipes, creating all kinds of art projects, and hanging with her pets.

Helen, Sculptural Production Leader


Packing and Shipping Manager 

Two of Helen's many incarnations – as a professional chef and studio assistant for a textile designer – served as perfect background for understanding production and developing a rhythm, while keeping an eye on the variables of candle making. Helen's other creative pursuits entail singing with a large choir and performing with a small  acapella group. While living in Oneonta, over hill and dale from Greentree, she raised her son, who has successfully fledged, and now her housemates are her two dogs and one cat. She also bakes really, really delicious cakes.

Kayla,Taper Production Leader


Taper Production Leader

Kayla came to Greentree in January of 2022, after dedicating many years to local community violence intervention and addiction treatment programs. Inspired by her mom, Kayla treasures spreading light and joy to others – she sees making beautiful candles as a way of passing on that light. When she is happy and in her flow, you can find Kayla dancing, skating, hiking, and gardening.

Sculptural Production Leader


Packing and Shipping Team Member

An active member of the local community, Nikola is passionate about being of service and helping people achieve their dreams. Nikola brings steadiness and focus to the Greentree candle production team, as well as her love of communications and the arts. When not candle-making, Nikola enjoys writing poems, abstract painting, hiking, cooking, working on the house that her parents built, or spending time with her cat, Doom. 

Sculptural Production Leader


Production Assistant

Anne landed at Greentree in the fall of 2021, where she continues to bring the fire on the candle production team. A creative with dedicated practices that expand across multiple arts mediums, Anne's passion for textiles led her to handcrafting custom fashion and home decor utilizing modern and historic construction techniques. Anne resides in a big red farmhouse with her farmer husband, and his cows. 

Sculptural Production Leader


Sculptural Production Leader 

Rachelle brings her keen eye for aesthetics to Greentree, and feels at home in the creative environment. A craftsperson to the core, Rachelle enjoys beekeeping, mead making, gardening, canning, cooking, ceramic painting, and DIY home projects. As Rachelle says: “Life is just too short to not be happy or do something that you're passionate about." 

Sculptural Production Leader


Production Assistant

Abby grew up in the village of Treadwell and worked in neighboring restaurant scenes before joining Greentree in the fall of 2022. Her strong, grounded energy stems from her connection to nature and particular passion for horses. When not making candles, Abby savors gardening, baking, practicing Equestrian sports, and spending time with her family – three children, two dogs, and a cat.

Team member


Shipping Department Leader

Michael spent 20+ years working in Marketing & Process Improvement at JP Morgan Chase before moving to the Catskills with his partner and their son. "We started as weekenders and fell in love with the area. When we had the opportunity to be here full time we took the plunge. The sense of community up here is extraordinary." Michael enjoys being outdoors and has a passion for travel – although he is always happy to come home to the beauty of the Catskills.


Bea Sohni 

Shipping and Packing Team Member 

Bea joined Greentree in September 2023 – her latest reincarnation after working in television in Los Angeles and running the local Russell's General Store in Bovina. Bea is motivated by happy, fun people and finds that nourishment in her Greentree family. Outside of working with candles, Bea loves camping, fishing, volunteering, and hanging with her cats, Mr. Handsome and Sophia the Queen.



Shipping and Packing Team Member 

Greentree's newest family member, Dani comes to Treadwell from São Paulo, where she practiced capoeira and massage therapy. Dani now brings her gifted hands to the art of candle-making. Outside of enjoying the friendliness and kindness that infuse the air at Greentree, Dani loves gardening with her family, listening to Música Popular Brasileira, and cooking – especially barbecue.

Shipping and Packing Team Member


Blog and Company Writer 

A writer, farmer, abolitionist, and healer, sol was raised on Kanien'kehá:ka lands. They brought their magic as a candle maker and creative partner when Greentree Home Candle was blossoming in 2012 – now, they enjoy being of service to the candle family through storytelling, writing, and editing. Read the blog here!

Shipping and Packing Team Member


CBO (Chief Barking Officer)

A lover of food, naps and frisbee, Banksy works diligently to keep the Greentree Home Candle studio safe. She enjoys long walks that involve chasing deer and wild turkeys. 

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