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August 1, 2023

Candle Community: +COOP and Hoppe Shoppe

Hoppe Shoppe

Brick and mortar businesses truly are the lifeblood of towns and cities across the world: nurturing arts and culture, sustaining local economies, and providing essential spaces for communities to gather and learn from each other. Whether big or small, these shops take pride in carrying that perfect product for their customers. Sometimes, that ideal item is a candle.

This month, we celebrate our global candle community by shining a spotlight on the retail shops we are so lucky to partner with. Meet Alyssa, founder of Hoppe Shoppe, and Jenna, founder of +COOP.

Greentree Home: We think you are absolute rockstars, and we are so thrilled to talk with you about +COOP and Hoppe Shoppe. First of all, what is the vision, heart, and soul behind your shop?

Jenna: Searching for the best wherever it may be, turns me on. It guides my hunt for houses, objects for the shop, and interesting people I want to work with. The buzz I feel when the people are good and the search is fruitful…drives me to work harder and dream bigger.

Alyssa: Curating a home can be overwhelming and daunting. How you fill your home says so much about who you are and how you live – I love helping others find that voice and make it into reality.



Greentree Home: How do candles align with your shop's aesthetic, vision, and values? And why do you choose to partner with Greentree?

Alyssa: Candles add warmth and life to a home. I specifically work with Greentree because of how holistically minded Jenifer is. Greentree candles continue to have the best color options, quality beeswax, and cleanest burn.

Jenna: Candles help create a vibe. +COOP is all about vibe and homeowners being able to express themselves creatively. Greentree, and the authentic beauty it beholds, is a perfect example of this ethos.

Hoppe Shoppe


Greentree Home: As community-based businesses that feature artisan goods, what inspires you about the future of handcrafts and buying local?

Alyssa: The idea of us all staying connected with our community and our surroundings…I love that I help foster that through Hoppe Shoppe. Shopping small, local, and handmade has the power to bring us together.

Jenna: Connecting people with beautiful things is my passion. And when the beautiful things are made by beautiful people, the story is so much more enriching for everyone involved.


Greentree Home: Of the Greentree collection, do you have any personal favorite designs or colors?

Jenna: I love all of the neutral tones. I am obsessed with cobalt, and terra cotta is our best seller. I personally can't get enough of the square tapers, and the little 6-inch everyday tapers pack a real punch. Being a realtor, I can't help but love the little houses.

Alyssa: A lot of my curation is pretty neutral in my style so I love that these colors [black, blush, natural, cream] add more of a subtle, calming color pop. They also remind me of colors you find in nature. 

6" everyday tapers at +COOP

cone taper at Hoppe Shoppe

Greentree Home: Thank you for taking the time to share about yourselves, your curation and design sensibilities, and your shops. Let's leave our readers with a little nugget of inspiration. Why are candles the perfect gift?

Alyssa: Candles are the perfect gift for anyone and everyone. We love lighting candles anytime we have friends or family over for dinner. Candles have the ability to make a simple night feel unique and special.

Candles are the perfect gift for anyone who loves light.


Jenna created +COOP for people who are as passionate about design as she is. A place for the community to shop for sophisticated home decor and elevated lifestyle goods, +COOP reflects Jenna's keen stylistic eye and her ability to make any space beautiful. Read more about Jenna and her shop here. Visit +COOP at 7278 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles, California.


A lifelong creative, Alyssa created Hoppe Shoppe out of her love for styling and storytelling. Her home decor collections are inspired by the stories behind one of a kind objects, and that ubiquitous search for the perfect piece. Featuring ethically and sustainably produced items from independent artisans around the world, Hoppe Shoppe reflects Alyssa's thoughtful design sensibility. Read more about Alyssa and her shop here. Visit Hoppe Shoppe at 1127 SE 10th Ave in Portland, Oregon.