Queen Honeycomb

You may have heard the traditional beekeeper saying: "comb is king." Well, at Greentree Home Candle, we say "comb is queen."

Beeswax: Checking The Hive

 A lot of beeswax out there has been produced by melting down all parts of the honeycomb, and squeezing out wax as a byproduct. While "press and squeeze" methods completely damage the comb – meaning the comb cannot be returned to the bees – harvesting capping wax leaves the honeycomb intact by removing only the top of the comb, the super-fine seals we call cappings, without disturbing the process or the home of earth's beloved bees.

Greentree Home supports the sustainable harvesting of honeycomb cappings. We do our best not to destroy bees' domain in our candle production process, while prioritizing the purest wax: capping wax. Cappings, the thinly layered, wax seals found on top of the honeycomb are made of 100% new wax, placed deliberately by bees in order to protect the cured honey underneath. Wax found elsewhere in the comb might contain pollen, propolis, and other natural elements that are part of the bees' processes as they produce honey.

Beeswax: Building Comb


Thanks to bees' alchemical skills, beeswax candles are a sustainable choice, and they keep us healthy. Unlike most natural fuels, beeswax releases negative ions when it burns, rather than positive. These negative ions attach to the positive ions all around us, such as mold, dust, pollen, odor, and other toxins. That means beeswax candles clean the air we breathe!

By burning pure beeswax candles – in our homes, offices, and studios, for ceremonies, celebrations, and special events – we are gifting ourselves and our loved ones cleaner air and a positive atmosphere. We are also keeping ourselves safe from carcinogenic toxins, soot, and other forms of pollution that can be caused by paraffin and scented candles. Green Tree Home chooses not to add common fillers, such as fragrances or petroleum, to our candle creations because the magic of beeswax is good enough for us. Thank you, bees!

Beeswax: Burning Candles

BUSY BEE TIP: With a bar of beeswax, you can make your own lip balm, skin salve, wood balm, or candles! To source your beeswax, support a local beekeeper, farmer, or farmers' market – or, if you tend your own hives, try harvesting and processing the beeswax yourself.

BEE SUSTAINABLE: A simple, sustainable approach to beeswax harvesting: collect honeycomb that bees are no longer using. Please remember to be gentle – for example, by using the appropriate amount of smoke – so that you do not damage the comb where the bees are active, or harm any bees who may be waiting nearby to return home. Continue collecting the extra pieces of comb until you have grown a considerable pile. You can then render the honeycomb into what we call beeswax – which is that delicious, smooth, sun-yellow raw material that makes our beeswax candles look, smell, and burn so beautifully!




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