Introducing Two New Colors: Blue Slate + Wild Plum

We are pleased to add two enchanting new colors to our signature palette. These fresh hues add depth and richness to our varied color collection. With a hint of orchid, Wild Plum is simply luxurious. Stoic, Blue Slate works well to offset warmer tones, but strong enough to stand on its own. Explore the inviting possibilities these alluring colors evoke. Colors Pictured Below: Natural, Blue Slate, Wild Plum and Gray

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And North Holiday Pop Up IN NYC

We are happy to announce that we will be showing at the first annual And North Holiday Pop Up in NYC! Located in The Hudson Company's gorgeous showroom in The Flatiron District, And North will bring their well know blog to life with a collection of upstate makers. Complete with festive floral installations and scattered events throughout the weekend, the pop-up will celebrate a talented group of designers from the The Hudson Valley and The Catskills in the heart of Manhattan! Visit And North for more details.

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Pop Shop at Stone and Sawyer

Ten talented local makers will be taking over the space at the Stone and Sawyer studio at 76 Main Street in Delhi for an all-day holiday pop-up market from 11am-7pm on Small Business Saturday, November 25th.

We welcome you to come spend the day with these incredible makers from 11am-5pm, and join us for drinks from 5-7pm to kick off the holiday season with some holiday cheer!

The dynamic group in one pop-up market includes:

Catskill Botanicals / Lauren Raba
Skincare & personal products with locally harvested ingredients.

The Turnsmith / Dave Rama & Alex Pagerie
Hand-crafted kitchenware.

Siobhan Barrett
Handmade lingerie and loungewear produced in Bovina, New York.

Hudson Made / Bill Hovard
Quality soaps & grooming products made with local ingredients.

Heaven on Main Street / Taylor Foster
Hand-crafted skin care products, scrubs, balms & delicious baked goods.

Throw My Life Away / Erica Cantwell
Hand-thrown bowls, cups, mugs and jewelry produced in Delhi, NY.

Tamlin Jewelry / Jessamee Sanders
Sensual & sexy jewelry that you'll never want to take off.

FosterBuilt Coffee / Mark Foster
Small-batch coffee fire roasted in Bovina, New York.

GreenTree Home Candles / Jen Green
Handmade & lovingly finished 100% beeswax candles made in Treadwell, New York.

Stone and Sawyer
Hand-crafted lighting and home goods produced in Delhi, New York.
Stone and Sawyer
76 Main Street
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Greentree Home Candle at Gary Graham NYC

New York City fashion designer Gary Graham recently partnered with artist and designer Sean Scherer, owner of curiosity shop Kabinett & Kammer in Andes, NY, to transform Graham’s flagship Tribeca showroom into an environment that combines both Graham and Scherer’s artistic sensibilities. The collaboration creates a fresh look for the store that seamlessly incorporates fashions and objects from both artists. As customers browse Graham’s distinctive signature gowns or coats, they are able purchase goods selected by Scherer that share a similar nostalgic aesthetic.

Greentree Home Candle is delighted to be part of the curated collection in this exciting setting. Our candles are beautifully displayed in complementing hues alongside Graham’s elegant fashions and unique finds from Kabinett & Kammer. Twig tapers, square tapers, monkeys, bottles and dodecahedron candles are among the Greentree Home Candle designs included for sale.



Says Jenifer Green of the partnership, “I really enjoy collaborating with others. It allows for artistic growth and professional opportunities. Both Gary and Sean are visionaries who take chances with their creative endeavors. I admire that.”

The Gary Graham store is located 176 Franklin Street in New York, NY. Please visit and for more information.


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Adventures In Color

Our Aesthetic

Color is woven deeply into our aesthetic as a company. As candlemakers, our aim is to offer a thoughtful palette of soothing hues that indulge the heart and mind. Color has the ability to define emotion, alter a mood and enhance our surroundings.  It’s an essential component of our brand identity.

Our current color palette has evolved slowly over time, beginning 15 years ago with a core group of muted hues: Antique (a deep olive green), Cream (a warm ivory), Bamboo (a gentle spring green), Bittersweet (crimson berry), Terra Cotta, Wine, and the rich ochre color of the raw beeswax.

Adding to the offering has been a delicate process. We tend to lean toward subdued, timeless hues. However, including a bold shade in our collection such as the robust Tangerine is thrilling. Our current selection includes 18 carefully crafted, gorgeous colors.

The Design Process

Creating a new color is an adventure that is born out of inspiration and impression. Each of our colors has a story and reason for existence. In turn, they each have a formulated recipe. Some are simple, requiring only a few drops or grams of dye, while others entail a complicated process.
To achieve our colors, we use both white and yellow beeswax. Each batch is carefully weighted and melted. The aniline dye is added when the wax has reached a precise temperature. Developing a new or custom color for a client or project is a tedious and time consuming process resulting in a day or two of misfires and, eventually, sweet success.

Color Trends

As a specialized company, we take pride in our passion for color. While we are conscious of emerging trends and make sure our collection stays ahead of the market as an industry innovator, each color is first and foremost a reflection of our aesthetic. A great deal of care and thought goes into the creation of a new color – our shades are handcrafted with love, and released with pride.

Our company is small enough to be able to adjust our process to accommodate special clients and custom orders such as celebrity parties or magazine spreads. Through close collaboration and personal attention, we can make a lasting impression: a beautiful hue custom-created to hit the subtlest note for the perfect occasion.

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Lighting A Candle: History And Rituals

Very few household items serve as many different purposes as candles. While a candle is an everyday commodity used for practical reasons, it is also an artful home décor accessory as well as an essential component in life’s celebrations and ceremonies from baptisms and birthdays to funerals.  How did this seemingly simple object end up playing such an important role in our lives?  



Fire has always been a key element for human survival, and it makes sense that it has both practical and symbolic significance to us. We revere fire as it also has the power to destroy us. The earliest known evidence of controlled fire dates back to Israel almost 800,000 years ago. The first forms of movable fire were used by Ancient Egyptians, who made rush lights and torches by soaking the pithy core of reeds in melted animal fat. The first true wicked candles weren’t developed until around 3,000 BC by Ancient Romans by dipping rolled papyrus repeatedly in melted tallow or beeswax. Other civilizations created their own candles from available materials such as insect wax in China and cinnamon tree in Japan.

Throughout history, humans have experimented with different sources of wax for candles: tallow wax from leftover kitchen fats, beeswax, bayberry wax, spermaceti (from sperm whale oil), and later, stearin, paraffin and soybean wax. A candle-molding machine invented in the 19th century enabled mass production of candles. However, with the introduction of the light bulb in 1879, candle making began to decline.

The popularity of candles saw a rise in the 1980’s when people became interested in them as decorative objects, gifts, and ways to set an atmosphere.


With its roots in the element of fire, known for its power to both create and destroy, a candle symbolizes love and hope, light and warmth, celebration and commemoration. Though we no longer need candles to illuminate our surroundings, we hold on to their meaning as an expression of joy, reverence and reflection. Rituals abound to this day. In Christianity, a lit candle represents the divine light of God. In a marriage ceremony, two taper candles represent the two individuals, and a solid pillar their coming together in a union. Lighting a candle for the deceased signifies that their memory lives on and burns bright. Blowing out candles on a birthday cake goes back to an old belief that smoke will carry our wishes and prayers to the heavens. Each culture has their own spin on the traditions – it’s the ritual of lighting a candle itself that matters.

More and more, candles have also evolved into a sensual experience, a way to soothe our senses, spark romance, reconnect with our roots and signify a desire for a quieter and more meaningful way of life. What do you value in your life? Light a candle today to celebrate a moment that matters, a connection you treasure, or a person you love.



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The Candlelit Family Meal

Our lives today are busier and more distracted than ever. Let’s admit it: too often we find ourselves taking a phone call or checking our Instagram account while we’re supposed to be enjoying quality time with our loved ones. How many family meals regularly get interrupted by our phones buzzing and someone staring at their little screen? Be honest.

We’ve decided to make a concerted effort to put all the distractions away and dedicate dinner time to nothing but family. Nothing brings a family closer more than sharing a meal together.

To make these moments even more special, we think it’s a great idea to take some time to set the table beautifully. A warm, glowing candle at the center of it all evokes the perfect atmosphere for a loving homemade meal. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it makes such a difference. It lets everyone know that dinner time is important, family is worth celebrating, and those gathered around the table are special to you.

12 inch Twigs Tapers by Greentree Home Candle

Placing one or two small candles on stands at the table is a nice way to achieve a homey everyday family meal atmosphere (try our graceful cats or sweet owls). A single column candle in a sturdy candle holder will do the same. You will be surprised to see the effect just lighting a candle will have on making an ordinary meal feel more intimate and meaningful.

For more festive occasions, go bigger: pillar candles of varying heights and sizes on a metal or mirror tray, a grouping of elegant tapers in different textures in tall candle holders, or candles sculpted into special shapes to celebrate an event or gathering. Different colors have their own significance: darker, dramatic colors are usually considered festive and romantic, while lighter, more subtle hues bring forth feelings of joy.

We strongly feel that 100% pure beeswax candles are the best choice to burn around mealtime. With no added scent, they are ideal for the dinner table when you don’t want fragrance to interfere with the aroma of the food. Another important point too often ignored: typical paraffin-based candles contain carcinogenic chemicals. Beeswax is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and purifies the air. Not only should mealtime nourish you and connect you to your loved ones, it should take place in a clean, healthy environment.

You’ll find an abundance of inspiration for your dinner table in our collection of contemporary 100% pure beeswax candles. As you plan the next meal, whether for your family or for a big celebration such as Passover or Easter, make sure to include candles as a functional centerpiece to invoke the right atmosphere. It lets everyone know it’s time to let go of distractions and sit down to savor the moment.


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New Beginnings 2017

Today we announce the launch of our new color. Looking for a fresh start, we decided to develop a clean and pure hue. Isolde (our new nude color) is a subtle blush - see above. Available in all our tapers, it is the perfect color for a wedding, dinner party or special event. Shop our web site and enjoy a 10% discount when you check out with code: THANKS2017

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